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The City of Adelaide is home to many gardens and green spaces. Find out how you can get involved in our community garden program, and contribute to developing a greener city environment.

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Nature Strips

Across Australia, nature strips or verge gardening has become an increasingly popular form of community gardening. Nature strips are gardens that people establish in the strip of council land beside the footpath and in front of their property. Establishing and maintaining nature strips can be an excellent way of getting to know your neighbours, building a strong sense of community, and adding to the biodiversity and beauty of your street.

How do I get involved?

The City of Adelaide encourages and supports our residents to rediscover the joy of gardening in our urban landscape. However, before you go ahead and start planting, you should first talk to the City of Adelaide, your neighbours, and – if you are renting – the property owner.

How do I get approval?

While we aim to keep the process as simple as possible, as the land owner we still need to assess and approve your proposal. We do this by way of a simple nature strip application form (form to be filled in by owner of the property eg owner occupier, landlord or Strata Title – body corporate). In every application, we will consider:

  • If there are any utilities under the verge that may be affected (such as gas, phone, water or electricity lines)
  • If there is space for placement of bins and access to parked vehicles
  • If there is a clear line of sight for pedestrians and traffic
  • That there are no potential trip-hazards and
  • The landscaped character of the area

What support can the City of Adelaide offer me?

The City of Adelaide can help your project by:

  • Assisting with design ideas and horticultural advice based on landscaping guidelines
  • Supply and install initial plants, soil, mulch or new instant turf to kick-start your project
  • Supplying conduit (PVC pipe) from the nature strip to the property boundary only, for irrigation

What do I have to do?

While the City of Adelaide is able to assist you, there are certain responsibilities that you will have. These include:

  • Connecting any irrigation necessary on the nature strip within two weeks of installation
  • Maintaining the area through mowing, weeding, fertilizing and mulching
  • Replacement due to natural attrition or vandalism of plant material or any irrigation infrastructure
  • Return the nature strip to the condition it was prior to installation, if required by the City of Adelaide.

How do I apply?


Or for more information, contact:

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Community Gardens

Community gardens are places where people come together to grow fresh food, learn, relax and make new friends.

Community gardeners know that sharing land to grow food and other plants builds a sense of place and community.

 Some of the benefits of participating in community gardening:

  • easy access to fresh, nutritious food
  • a sense of achievement that comes through growing some of your own food needs
  • making friends with people in the neighbourhood
  • learning the skills of gardening, shared decision making and cooperation, all of which are necessary to successful community gardens
  • healthy outdoor exercise
  • increase community pride
  • improving the local environment

There are a number of community gardening initiatives happening in the city that you can be involved in.

Box Factory Community Centre

Where: 59 Regent Street South

Table gardens available for community use

Contact.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 8203 7749

Common Ground Community Garden

Where: 91 Franklin St (old Bus Station)

Table gardens for Common Ground tenants only  

Secateurs Community Garden Group

Where: St Andrews Hospital (South Terrace)

Membership required

Contact.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

North Adelaide Community Centre and Library

Community Garden Group

Become a part of the community garden by maintaining the garden, joining programs that are associated with the garden, planting seeds or just pottering. No membership required.

Contact.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Park Terrace Community Garden

Where: Park 27B – Northern Park Lands opposite the North Adelaide Train station and community courts on Park Terrace

This community garden is a place for likeminded people to share in the joys of growing vegetables, fruit, plants and connecting with others. It is a welcoming and inclusive space for people of all abilities, interests and backgrounds. Membership is required.

Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or Facebook Group 

Walyu Yarta Community Garden Group

Where: Veale Gardens (South Park Lands behind the Conservatory)

Membership required 


Whitmore Square Community Verge Garden

Where: North Western Verge of Whitmore Square

This beautiful Verge Garden is a joint effort by the community and the City of Adelaide.

The ground beds are being watered with reclaimed water and the raised Wicking Beds with mains water so food can be grown.

Wicking Beds retain water in a reservoir beneath the soil, so, once established, plants need minimal watering. These are planted and maintained by the local community.

Those growing herbs and vegetables invite you to help yourself to small amounts so that many can enjoy the produce – but please leave plenty for others, especially those who do most of the work. And please remember to wash produce before eating.

Everyone can help by picking up litter and pulling out weeds along the footpath.

Our combined contribution makes this Verge Garden look its best for the enjoyment of all.

Contact: Adelaide South West Community Centre - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 8203 7801

Native Gardens

Create a unique and vibrant, water efficient garden that conserves natives plants, attracts wildlife and contributes to a greener City environment.

City of Adelaide encourages the City community to develop their own native garden by providing information on local native plants, garden designs and places to buy local native plants. City of Adelaide also provides incentives to get you started.

By following these simple principles, you can create a vibrant and sustainable native garden:

● Use local native plants grown from local seed sources. This provides habitat and help conserves Adelaide Plain’s original native vegetation.
 Use plants of different heights and flowering times. This attracts wildlife by improving habitat structure and maximising food availability (ie. native flowers and fruit).
 Provide extra habitat. Include water features, logs and rocks (from sustainable sources), leaf litter and bat/bird/possum boxes.
● Use less chemicals. Pesticides can have deadly effects on organisms other than those you wish to control (eg. caterpillars turning into butterflies).
 Use water responsibly. Local native plants have adapted to Adelaide’s climate, and generally use less water than introduced plants.
● Be a responsible pet owner. To protect wildlife, keep pets inside overnight.

Local native garden information folders are available from City of Adelaide Customer Centre on 8203 7203.

Urban Gardens

Combine the convenience of City living with the benefits of private outdoor space through incorporating a green roof into your City home.

Green roofs are landscaped rooftop gardens that can include planted areas and for entertaining and domestic use and  importantly, green roofs can make an environmentally friendly contribution to your home, your neighbourhood and the City.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Improved Lifestyle

Extra living and entertainment space in the great outdoors, with privacy and safety built in, but no lawn to mow.

Reduced Costs

A green roof provides improved insulation, thereby reducing power bills for heating and cooling.

Improved Property Values

An attractive and functional outdoor living space increases the floor area and appeal of your property, which contributes to an improved market value.

Residents Comfort

A green roof can keep a home cooler in summer and warmer in winter and helps insulate your home from outside noise.

Natural Attraction

City living, with the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing garden and increased open space. Green roofs with native vegetation can also provide habitat for native animals such as birds and butterflies.

Water Conservation

Rainfall is retained by the roof structure and used to water the rooftop garden, reducing potable water consumption and runoff into the stormwater system. Runoff water quality is improves by plants filtering out pollutants from stormwater.

Improved Air Quality

Plants reduce greenhouse gases by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and removing airborne pollution, so residents can breathe cleaner air.

Reduced Air Temperatures

Hard surfaces in cities absorb and reflect heat leading to increased summer temperatures (the heat island effect). Plants on green roofs prevent heat gain and have a cooling effect contributing to cooler summer temperatures for residents, neighbours and the City environment.

A green roof information brochure is available from City of Adelaide. For more information please contact the Customer Centre on 8203 7203.

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