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Adelaide’s Park Lands and gardens make up a large part of the city’s landscape and identity. To maintain their beauty and preserve them for the future, the City of Adelaide’s greening teams work hard to ensure the city remains green and inviting, while building a sustainable and resilient community.

When you see our greening underway signs across the city, the space you’re in is becoming more vibrant and liveable. We display these signs when our team are beautifying our parks and public spaces, through weeding, tree planting and performing general landscaping maintenance across the city’s Park Lands, squares and gardens.



Adelaide is a diverse and welcoming city, where people from all backgrounds choose to live, work and play. In order to keep city streets and surrounds clean and tidy, the City of Adelaide maintenance team work hard to ensure streets are safe, well maintained and improved for the benefit of everyone.

When you see our maintenance underway signs across the city, the space you’re in is undergoing a transformation to make it more vibrant and enjoyable for now and into the future. You’ll see signs when our team is undertaking tasks including line marking, fixing damaged street furniture, improving roads, laneways and footpaths and servicing electrical issues.


Adelaide is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, in part due to the effort of the City of Adelaide’s cleaning teams. Each day, these teams work hard to ensure the city is well presented, free of litter or damage, tidy and one that everyone can be proud of.

When you see our cleaning underway signs across the city, you’ll know that our team are hard at work sweeping roads, laneways and footpaths, removing unsightly gum or graffiti from our streets, maintaining public toilets, artworks and playground equipment for well into the future. 

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