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Integrated Business Plan

Public consultation of the 2019-20 Integrated Business Plan is now open

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2018-19 Integrated Business Plan

The Integrated Business Plan is the key annual operational and financial planning document of the City of Adelaide. It describes what services and projects we plan to provide in the upcoming financial year and how we propose to allocate our budget.

It has been developed in the context of delivering Council’s long term strategic direction set out in the Strategic Management Plan documents required under the Local Government Act 1999. These include the City of Adelaide 2016-2020 Strategic Plan (the Strategic Plan) and Asset Management Plans.

These plans outline our objectives over a four-year period in order to achieve the Strategic Plan vision for the city – that Adelaide is a welcoming and dynamic city full of rich and diverse experiences. They show how the we intend to achieve our vision through sustainable growth and the responsibility to provide quality and value in local government services for ratepayers, with wider responsibilities under the City of Adelaide Act 1998 in managing the city and the Park Lands on behalf of residents of the city and the broader community.

The Integrated Business Plan aligns with the four themes identified in the Strategic Plan: Smart, Green, Liveable and Creative. It is the result of a rigorous process of review and challenge to every aspect of projected revenue and expenditure with a strong focus on efficiency and alignment to the Strategic Plan. 

Highlights for the year ahead

  • Leveraging growth from new development activity in the city to relieve cost of living and cost pressures on city residents and businesses by freezing the rate in the dollar for the fourth consecutive year
  • Planning for the redevelopment of the 88 O’Connell Street site through stakeholder engagement activities, site activation and project planning to achieve a mixed-use development that enhances the vitality of the O’Connell Street precinct
  • Ensuring access to 21st century big data and communications, enabling services for local businesses through Ten Gigabit Adelaide, furthering our reputation as a connected, smart, entrepreneurial and intelligent city
  • A strong commitment to significant and sustained investment in the city’s Infrastructure with $39.4 million allocated for the next financial year
  • Progressing climate change initiatives to deliver our strategic goal for the City of Adelaide to be the one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities
  • Implementation of initiatives from the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy with significant focus on opportunities and increased use of the open green space in our city Squares
  • Working with our Strategic Partners (such as Adelaide Convention Bureau, State Government, Renew Adelaide, Education Adelaide, Festivals Adelaide and Music SA) to promote Adelaide as a destination to do business, study, visit and perform
  • Delivering community celebrations, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day, that are open and inclusive and provide a safe and family friendly environment in the city
  • Providing sponsorship / grant funding support to assist art, cultural and community groups and organisations in delivering inspiring art, cultural and multicultural activities, events, programs and services
  • Supporting owners in the conservation, upgrade and use of their heritage places through the Heritage Incentives Scheme and Façade Improvement Incentive Scheme
  • Attracting new financial investment and businesses to establish in the city, and support existing businesses to grow their presence in the city and expand into overseas markets
  • Installation of solar photovoltaic systems on City of Adelaide owned buildings to reinforce Council’s commitment in environmental change
  • Master planning of the Central Market Arcade Redevelopment into a thriving, mixed-use location to grow the market offer with expanded and complementary retail and market activities
  • Facilitating connection and collaboration with stakeholders across the city, through the Cultural Strategy (and Live Music Action Plan), leading to activities that add cultural value to our Smart, Green, Liveable and Creative objectives and supporting Adelaide’s reputation as a city of creative culture
  • Implementing a new approach to business waste and recycling services as well as delivery of best-practice approach for waste reduction.

Full details of the 2018-19 Integrated Business Plan are also available at Council’s Customer Service Centre (25 Pirie Street, Adelaide), libraries and community centres.

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To see how past public submissions have influenced the City of Adelaide’s annual budget, please see here.

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